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About Aritco


Aritco is an award winning manufacturer of platform lifts and home lifts.
With approximately 90 employees and sales of around SEK 300 million, Aritco supplies lifts for both public and private market all over the world.
Through its network of more than 140 distributors, Aritco installed more than 25000 lifts in over 40countries.
Aritco  now has sold more than 70 units in Indonesia within 2 years.

With about 90 employees and sales of approximately SEK 300 million (Approx USD 36  million), Aritco supplying elevators for both public and private markets worldwide.

Through a network of more than 140 distributors, Aritco has supplied more than 25,000 elevators in 45 countries.


AAA – Highest creditworthiness

This award may be given to limited liability companies with sales of more than 2 million SEK that have been in business more than 10 years and whose key ratios are significantly higher than average for the industrial sector concerned.


Gazelle award

The Gazelle award is awarded to the fastest growing companies in Sweden. Aritco has won this award 6 years in a row. Aritco has also been appointed Super Gazelle.

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