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A home lift is an exciting combination of luxury and comfort. We place great emphasis on design and freedom of choice. You can choose between lift models, size, color, platform floor material, lighting and different types of glass or stainless steel. This means your lift will suit your home just as well as your sofa or be a sensational home furnishing feature to be proud of. Once your lift is installed you’ll realize it’s your home’s coolest piece of furniture – practical and good looking, too.

Flexible & Easy Instalation

Because home lifts barely take up more space than the lift itself only minor intrusions are necessary. Installing a home lift is quick and simple.
It usually only takes 2-3 days for our certified installers to install your home lift. During this time they assemble the self-supporting shaft, install the lift, connect power and emergency telephone line and perform a safety inspection so that you can begin using your lift immediately and safely.

Energy Efficient

Aritco is a pioneer when it comes to the environment. Aritco were the first home lift manufacturer to have an environmental product declaration.
For our home lifts. More than 95 per cent of the parts are recyclable. And our Aritco’s home lifts have Class A energy classification, which is mean our Aritco’s Lift just use about 1500 W when it in use and only 15 W when goes to standby in some particular model.

Our Aritco Home Lift Collection

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Erde is Authorized Distributor of Aritco & Thyssenkrupp German Home Lifts

Why Erde ?

We apply our expertise to offer ideas and plans in assisting you our valuable customers requirements when selecting the various types of Aritco’s Home Lifts. We have expertise in every area of the lift engineering from planning to installation. We are also dedicated in providing after-sales service in terms of support and maintenance, which make erde is your choice for Home Lifts Solution.

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Because Safety is Everything


The lift that can’t fall down maybe is the best phrase to describe our Aritco Home Lifts Collection.

With the self locking concept, that is the friction between screw and nut will prevent the lift from falling down. This system assure your safety is prioritized. And to top it off our emergency team is always ready 24/7 to assist you in any circumstances

A bit about Thyssenkrupp & Aritco


thyssenkruppAG (formerlyThyssenKruppAG) is a company based in Germany, which manufactures kinds of steels and other machineries, includingelevators, escalators, and moving walkways.thyssenkruppis a combination of the two German companies that merged togetherThyssenAG and Krupp AG.

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Aritco is the world leading platform lift and home lift manufacturer. There are
90 employees and the company turnover is SEK 300 million. Aritco sells lifts
through 140 certified partners in more than 40 countries.

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